Make N’ Take Salad Jar


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16oz. Reusable Salad Jar with dressing container & fork.  Following layering instructions on card and enjoy a salad on the go.  Affordable enough to buy 2.  Make 2 at one time  and enjoy for 2 days of lunches.  Makes eating healthy-on-the go easier than ever !!

58 in stock



27oz. Reusable Salad Jar with dressing container & fork.  Say goodbye to soggy salads and drive-thru drama.  A Make & take salad has the perfect mix of fresh produce, filling protein, and flavorful extras.  With a top-level separate dressing container, which keeps dressing separate until eating, you’ll love how easy it is to prepare a delicious salad.  We’ve been practicing our layering skills, and we have the method down – check it out and see what lunchtime creations you you come up with!  Enough room to fill, shake & enjoy.


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