Cooper’s Cheese Straws – 6oz


For generations, cheese straws have been the Southern way to say, “You’re welcome in my home.” A batch of cheese straws on hand meant you were prepared for whatever came your way.

Unexpected guests? Arrange those cheese straws on a pretty plate. Need a nibble to serve before a dinner party? Set them next to the wine and drinks bar. Pondering your contribution to a tailgate or potluck? Take cheese straws and watch them disappear.

We are proud to bring you Cooper’s Cheese Straws, made in small batches from premium ingredients. Please invite them to your celebrations of life’s moments both small and large. You’ll find they’re as delicious with a glass of milk as they are with champagne.  Made right here in Roswell, GA

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Traditional Cheese Straws, 6oz.
A Southern Tradition! Our cheese straws are a hit among any crowd, made with REAL cheese and a hint of aged cayenne.

Cheese Straws with Jalapeño, 6oz. 
We kicked up the heat just a little bit in this rendition of our Cheese Straws. With real bits of jalapeño baked in, you get the delicious flavor you crave without the scorching heat.

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