Butternut Squash Seed Oil


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Amazing over roasted-vegetables, such a delicious flavor.  Takes the roasting to a whole-new level.  Even great alone or as a drizzle over appetizers, crackers or cheese.

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A flavorful, healthy and local alternative to European olive oil adding unique flavor to everything from roasted vegetables to pasta salad to oatmeal. Food scientists at Cornell University discovered a delicious, all-natural oil locked up in squash seed that would otherwise be destined for compost. This oil is released by precise roasting and expeller pressing without the use of chemicals, excessive heat or harsh filtration. This gently processed oil contains no hydrogenated fats, chemical additives, or preservatives.

The oil contains only one ingredient: oil from roasted pressed varietal squash seeds. We produce the oil in small batches, ensuring a level of quality from seed to bottle to shelf.

The oil’s nutty taste makes a great replacement for nuts in baked goods or stuffings for those with nut allergies.

Ingredient: 100% pure butternut squash seed oil, not a blend.

Flavor profile: warm, buttery, nutty taste reminiscent of cashew or peanut

Uses: Sautéing, grilling,or roasting vegetables and meats, or as a flavoring oil on prepared dishes. Smoke point of 425 F. Try drizzled over ravioli with wilted greens and grated parmesan.

Shelf life: one year. Store in refrigerator to extend shelf life.

Nutrition: Oil is high in polyunsaturated fat, and one-third of the saturated fat in butter. Rich in Vitamin E. No trans fat or cholesterol.


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