Full Head Romaine, 1 lb bag


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Love our Baby Romaine but would love to try our full-head version?  For a trial basis, we will be offering our full-heads of Romaine lettuce in a 1 lb. bag.  Aside from the core and base, this romaine will be 100% usable product.  # of heads in each bag may vary, based on weight.  Each bag will weight a minimum of 1 lb.

17 in stock


Looking for a larger amount of our delicious deep-green romaine? This option includes the full head of Romaine (possibly more than one head) to equal 1 lb.+ of delicious romaine flavor.

** We apologize for the change that we needed to make in growing this wonderful, larger head of lettuce.  Due to a very high demand for us to grow more Bibb lettuce, we needed to make room to be able to do this therefore the Romaine 1 lb. option had to take a back seat for now.  With a finite amount of growing space, we simply can’t grow everything, all the time.  Rest-assured, our baby romaine is the EXACT same lettuce, just in the regular size of traditional heads of lettuce.  With each season, demand changes therefore we hope that we will be able to bring this option back in the future at some point (we certainly need more growing space!)

Thank you for understanding.


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