• A full-head variety of medium texture with beautiful, ruffled edges. The large leaves provide an ideal base for wraps. Looks & tastes amazing on sandwiches. 7 - 10 oz
  • Our premium mix of 6 different lettuces of both dark red & green varieties. Ruffled edges & unique leaf shapes that provide loft and fancy appearance. Soft and velvety texture. 7.5 oz   OUR BEST SELLER !!

    NEW VARIETY. Deep-green color with a traditional romaine crunch and texture. Perfect for any type of salad or sandwich. Terrific flavor. Approximately 14 oz.
  • The most tender kale you've ever tasted. Mild flavor yet packed with beneficial nutrients. Perfect both cooked & raw. 100% yield, very few stems. A must try! Due to a limited amount of kale available this week, we are asking that you limit your purchase to 2 bags.  We have increased our seeding but it won't increase our availability until 2 weeks from now.  Thank you for your patience. 6 oz
  • Super nutritious and delicious.  Cut at just 10 days growth, nutrition is top-notch.  Great accent on salads, sandwiches and even soups. 1 oz
  • BIBB

    A loose-head of lettuce with large, soft leaves and a mild flavor. Slight buttery texture, mildly sweet. Perfect for round sandwiches, burgers, wraps and appetizer bases. A kid-favorite! 10-15 oz large head


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